Parks of Southern and Western Tanzania

The Parks we offer are as follows

Ruaha National Park

Ruaha is an astonishing park which can provide even the most experienced travellers with something new. The undulating topography, glorious river and majestic trees combine to produce one of Africa’s most captivating landscapes. Since visitor numbers are quite few, it possesses a true wilderness atmosphere. Symbolized by the… Read More

Nyerere National Park (ex Selous Game Reserve)

In 2019, the northern part of the Selous Game Reserve, already been for long reserved to photographic safaris, has become the 20th National Park of Tanzania, and took the name of Nyerere National Park. It is a true wild region where you can walk, game drive or go… Read More

Saadani National Park

Saadani, where the beach meets the bush, is the only wildlife sanctuary in East Africa with ocean frontage and therefore the only place that can genuinely lay claim to offering beautiful beaches and safari in a single location. Read More

Katavi National Park

Katavi is remote, undeveloped and bristling with wild animals. It's far from anywhere and anyone and is hard to beat for a pure wilderness safari. The park is exceptionally diverse in both flora and fauna and at its centre are several large flood plains and the narrow rivers that… Read More

Mahale National Park

The ultimate location for chimpanzee safaris, Mahale is one of the most remote and scenically breathtaking areas in East Africa Mountains, forest and the crystal clear water of Lake Tanganyika combine to make this a unique African safari destination. Mahale is one of Tanzania’s most diverse and dramatically distinctive… Read More

Gombe National Park

Gombe is a long strip of rugged, mountainous terrain dominated by steep ridges. The landscape is amazing, with more than sixteen major valleys having abundant fast streams all year round. The specificity of the park is the chimpanzees, made famous by the studies of Jane Goodall.… Read More