Safari options

Walking safaris

The walking safari is an very special experience, during which the instructions given by the guides should be perfectly followed: we are here significantly more active than during a game drive or a boat safari. All senses are alert: not only vision, but also hearing, smelling. Generally organized early morning, the walk may… Read More

Night safaris

Night drives are now possible, from Kwihala Camp in Ruaha National Park. Night drives begin after dinner, around 2100 hrs, with a return 3-4 hours later. Lots of nocturnal animals, like genets, white tailed mongoose, bat-eared foxes, hyena, lions and even the rare aardwolf (this is obviously… Read More

Boat safaris

Discover Selous from a boat. With this very special experience, you'll discover animals coming to drink at the river, numerous hippos and crocodiles, but even more, you'll  enjoy an amazing bird watching. Read More


Tanzania offers some fine birding opportunities with the miombo woodlands and dambos around the Rufiji River in Selous Game Reserve being of particular note. Equally, Ruaha National Park is home to many East African species that aren't found any further south. In both, you'll find more than 350 different… Read More


Selous being a game reserve and not a park, fishing is permitted. But it is still almost untouched, is it by commercial or sport fishing, and therefore the river and lakes are full of fish, and fishing is excellent. In Selous, catfish (6 to 15 kgs) can be fished in lakes while tigerfish… Read More

Game drives

Flying transfers offer the advantage of enjoying special build vehicles for game drive in the parks (not a bus or a 4wd with an open roof), as well as guides knowing particularly well their park and its fauna, birdlife and flora. Read More