Beach destinations

Located just below the equator, Tanzania (Tanganyika and Zanzibar) offers a multitude of white sandy beaches and tropical islands. As those are quite close to the parks, Tanzania is the perfect destination for a parks / beach combination.

If the notoriety of Zanzibar, its old town and its history, its white sand beaches, its diving sites, is no longer to do, the other islands, as well as the continental beaches has a lot to offer too.

The reputation of the ocean idien is no longer to do, and whichever destination chosen, diving and snorkelling will be rewarding: the island of Mafia, and its marine park, the island of Pemba, and its chamber under the water in the middle of the sea, the private islands in Fanjove, Chumbe or Mnemba, ...

Sea turtles are nesting on Tanzania's beaches, and depending on your travel dates, you will be able to discover their hatching. The experience of swim along the largest fish in the seas, the whale shark, is as well unforgettable, and seasonal.

If the continental beaches are not as white and blue as those of Zanzibar, they might attract you when you'll know that you'll enjoy them almost on your own.

Finally, the shores of Lake Tanganyika, at the extreme West of the Tanzania, offers absolutely unspoiled beaches, and unusual dives amongst cychlides. A real off the beaten track beach destination.

Zanzibar island

Who hasn’t heard of Zanzibar? It could almost be fictitious, one of those mythical names that conjure up exotic spices, tropical fruit and magnificent Sultans. Zanzibar is the fruit borne of the marriage between Swahili, Arab, English and many other cultures. This wealth of influences has created a… Read More

Mafia Island

Mafia Island is known for its peaceful places and the richness of its sea-beds. The small villages of fishermen of the island are picturesque and the small island of Jibondo shelters one of the last factory of dhows. Size and… Read More

Pemba Island

Second island of the archipelago of Zanzibar, Pemba differs from Unguja (known as Zanzibar) being hillier, less touristic, and having a more luxuriant vegetation. Arab sailors called it "Al Huthera", or "the Green Island". Size and situation: Pemba, located… Read More

Fanjove Island

At about 30 kilometers far for the tanzanian coast, this tropical island, right in the middle of the Indian Ocean, has been ignored up to now by the tourists. Read More

South Coast of Tanzania

Being close to a large city, Ras Kutani's coastline, about 50km South of Dar es Salaam, is still quite wild, with large sandy beaches and a back-country of forests, cashew-nut trees plantations and small farms. The famous Zanzibar being so close, it is a bit difficult clients on this mainland… Read More

Lake Tanganyika coast

Lake Tanganyika is located on the Western border of the Tanzania. This huge water reserve is the longest lake in the world, (720 km long) and the second deepest lake in the world (1, 470 m). Due to its location on the great African Rift, the lake's temperature stays… Read More

One island, one lodge

Who has never dreamt once to be Robinson Crusoe? In a rustic way, or more comfortable, Tanzania offers several options of those exclusive lodges on islands, in the middle of the Indian Ocean, or on the only archipelago of Lake Tanganyika. Discover them… Read More